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children toy book

In Europe and the United States, the children toy book has years of development, design and production technology are already mature and specialized research institutions. Their toy book pay more attention to entertainment, art. More sophisticated organ delicate. Each toy book are a three-dimensional stage. Can turn over, and Korah, to play, to see. Even joined high-tech elements, open sound, touch light, even distribution of special taste, fully meet the children liked the hands-on nature. Their toys, books and materials on environmental protection, printing coating also uses high-tech non-toxic materials, design also pay attention to man-machine engineering science and some books in the corner is ground into a circle arc, children in tearing, biting, calamus won’t hurt.
In foreign countries, toy book production process is complicated, the latter process often need many skilled workers cooperate with each other to complete manually. Every publisher has a separate paper device design engineering department. People first to determine the story and scenes scheme, and hand it to the Origami device design engineer. Engineers will be the author and illustrator of the idea of combining, designed for the authorities, and gives the characters of ingenious actions, sometimes need to add music and fragrance. Finally they also choose to better reflect the theme of the paper material. The engineer’s work is full of imagination and challenging. They must consider how the activity components paste to the page behind the use of glue in what position, use less glue, can withstand hundreds of times over without damage. They also consider how to pull back the sheet, the unit set up how high, how to fold flat, and each can be folded to the original position, and just for book size. The most important of these is all designed to be able to implement in the printing process and printing process. Also can batch production.



Custom toy design and analysis Wooden toys

Custom toy design and analysis

Wooden toys not only have good security but also for growing children have an important role that intellectual enlightenment. Because wood and non-toxic material hard; so it is more suitable for making baby toys, such as: rattles like. Also on a wooden surface painted beeswax and edible pigments. Thus, even if the child is willing to lower his mouth to bite a phenomenon or lead poisoning does not occur; each of the corners of toys, including every aperture also should be very smooth, soft, so when children play will not cut through the skin of the phenomenon and so on, the child is still very young I would particularly like some exquisitely with the clutch stuff, fine off making wooden toys and games can produce a variety of toys, children toys games by The process of training a child’s hands open brain capacity, enhance intelligence. Wooden toys Categories
Stitching modeling toys, the children’s curiosity of the unknown basis on improves children’s ability to analyze things, imagination, thinking ability to encourage children to think, chess games and toys in the unknown child on the basis of curiosity, cultivate children’s hands, brain, eyes and develop children’s thinking, hand-eye coordination exercise operations and comprehensive ability. Digital and abacus class exercises and text
In curiosity of the unknown on the basis of child training child mosaic capacity, perform calculations on exercises, training children’s fine motor, inspired by the shape of a child, an accurate understanding of the number, and then build muscle flexibility.

Custom toy design and analysis toys Kind

Custom toy design and analysis

We follow the traditional toy materials can be divided into: wooden toys, bamboo toys, paper toys, plastic toys, plush toys, stuffed toys, metal toys, ceramic toys, glass toys, wooden toys
One of a natural material can be manageable by humans timber in our human life is the earliest because it is best to obtain a raw material and easily molded. Many people have had to build a child made of wood or made into a variety of gadgets, such as: wood knife, gun and so on and it has a wooden renewable. Does not produce any negative effects of the production team of people, it is a good environmental regeneration material. Different cultures can create their different periods of use.
Ancient Chinese wisdom of working people in her spare time has already produced a classic wooden toy, it is a material made of wood. Hollow inside, hence the name. Zhong Qing Dynasty had mixed with air that has known loud gourd, also known as southern as it Yoyo, in Beijing, Tianjin, produced the most famous.
Diabolo in China has a long history, diabolo is Han Chinese folk arts miscellaneous traditional game activities, with its beautiful and varied skill play and known, the “Xian Rentiao”, “chicken shelves”, “put twisting” everywhere “and all sorts of names, popular throughout the country, especially in the north.
Gyro, also commonly known as dry music, it is a bell-shaped, wooden, can rotate on the ground spinning top toys, is a very old game activities, but has spread to the Modern enduring, is that people still like the game project. There are puppets, kites and ancient Chinese puzzles such as: Ming lock, Qiqiao pull, these toys are from pure wood materials, exquisite workmanship excellent, long-lasting spread of ideas, combine tradition and modernity, experience in playing in breath of nature in the 21 century, fashion trends let us continue to enrich the connotation of a wood toy began natural, durable.

Custom toy design and analysis:Flour Toys

Custom toy design and analysis

The earliest ancient figurines unearthed in Turpan Tang Wing Micro four tombs discovered Art History pasta dough maid and manservant often with folk and religious festival associated, since making it convenient and appealing , easy to spread.
The creation of traditional folk toys is a process the majority of the working people who live in wisdom and inherited, folk art statues at the same time working to meet the people’s material and spiritual needs, but also to bring the people in their leisure life fun and entertainment features through the cultural and artistic heritage reaching effects and understand the important role of its history, for example, in: zhuxianzhen the New Year, there are many historical stories and drama performance story of creative themes such as “Rona tigers “” Conquers “” San Niang to teach the child “and so on folk art works and mainly in the Chinese New Year and other important festivals use, not only to add a festive atmosphere and bring a festive feel to get relaxed life entertainment and meet the psychological experience of double effect while the appreciation of the work and fun in the process, but also on one of the strong historical knowledge, beautiful folklore. Traditional aesthetic concept has a dual role of inheritance and enlightenment, and gradually formed a people’s customs and moral values ​​of religious habits and behavior standards, its mode, and in the long process of historical development, the bottom of the working people of this community Traditional folk art became their education to understand the culture of the window, everyone kind of legend and folk art is an important focussed spread characteristics, this is folk toy art forms can be obtained popularity of deep-seated reasons for making the life of folk art creation and production art and folklore have been fully combined and very appropriate. It fruitful, to enrich the history and culture of the Chinese nation, enriching the people’s daily lives, cultivate ethnic nature, and promote the development of social stability and harmony.

Custom toy design and analysis:Stone Toys

Custom toy design and analysis

Stone toy in Henan folk in possession of the major species, monkeys, etc. talc folk artists produced volume was small but beautifully portray the image of thousands of diverse range: There are squatting it, there are standing, there are females, there are male monkey visible The generalization of physical ability and how superb decorative artists, color is divided into two types of plain and colored, multi-color red, yellow, black outline.
Artists re-innovation, the creation of a number of children’s favorite toys, until development today, people’s wisdom created a variety of interesting typical clay toys. The most representative of three-dimensional mud paintings, is a modern environmentally friendly products, colorful, rich colors, and highly adaptable, it can be made of various cartoon characters, decorative paintings. On children’s intellectual development, and improve the overall quality of young people, artistic accomplishment and ability have played a big help.
Ceramic toys
Ceramic toy development to today has been rapid progress in the tradition of the original has been more or less on the basis of change and improvement, especially in the use of the material is a polymer of breakthrough Fimo clay (pol y mercl ay), Non-toxic, odorless, highly ductile, malleable, making it is tack-free, but there is a unique soft, be free to play, dough, combination, it can not only choose any combination of a variety of colors, and create a ever-changing variety of fine works of art, not only easy to make but it is also very easy to learn, very suitable for personalized design, produced a beautiful decorations and artwork has special significance.
Flour Toys
Toys side is, we often say that face people, or the people call glutinous rice, flour is well-known, popular favorite kind of folk art, whether in the countryside or in towns, people can often see an unlucky box The master’s hand put this colorful dough by hand in a pinch, whether adults or children who love this craft around to watch, just a few very to see the show on a bamboo stick vivid Monkey King and other fresh of flour. This art form to many people left a deep impression, to add a lot of childhood fun. Dough art, history of art figurines quite long and is the first meeting in the Han Dynasty idolatrous dance booth, using figurines ghost image caused by the head of the now we eat the “bread” is the word also has origins with the dough. Song Cheng high things Jiyuan are: Meng Huo when Zhuge Wuhou conquest, it was said, quite many people sorcery, the employer must first worship, may by Yinbing help. Zhuge Wuhou then surfaces made into the shape of the head, to worship, since there is a bread this view.

Custom toy design and analysis:Chinese Toys


China’s long history, up and down for thousands of years, the development of small handicraft workshop has been no period in the evolution, rise and fall helplessly, as a symbol of Chinese traditional folk toys wisdom of the people as the same as a history of the development of China’s history through this. Huaiyang in Henan, Shaanxi’s Fengxiang, high density, Wuxi, Jiangsu, Shandong and Beijing and Tianjin and other places there are still these folk gadgets.
In the 20 century, 80 years in the early years, the Mongolian Autonomous County in Liaoning Dongshanzui place Cameroon thorn Qin left-wing unearthed a large number of incomplete terracotta female, production is not large modeling simple, dating back 5500 years, belong Neolithic Hongshan culture, it seems that because of the people belong to the ancient worship of the reproductive product However, from another point of view, this is China’s most ancient “figurines” treasure, it can be said that this is the country later Doll toys ancestor, also told posterity production process: After the first earth pottery, first, figurines, after the Thao people because at that time the material defects, the use of muddy earth but easy to dissolve, making figurines of ancient treasures indeed hard to find, but by the myths and legends “Nu Wa made man” is also mapping out the country’s long history of making figurines, China’s ancient toy in the Neolithic era. Han article >> << On condemned it has been well documented in the Tang period of unprecedented development, and the emergence of a colorful toy, Song with economic development is even more common folk toys handicraft development up to the Qing Dynasty, it has been the formation of a special form of hand workshops mud Toys
Custom Dolls JAC, Shandong, Hebei and other places mainly toys, dolls festival where kids favorite plaything. Jiangsu’s “big Fu”, high-density “called Tiger” and so on. Many old artist also made a lot of a lot of real-life toys, such as common in rural areas livestock: pigs, cattle, sheep, etc., the image of cute, colorful. Now we can still see kids playing marbles in play, that is, those small glass, glass ball, do not underestimate these little glass balls, it’s “ancestors” is primitive ancestors used to hunt prey with catapult in Xi’an Banpo ruins, Sichuan Wushan Dasi ruins, and Tianmen Hubei Jingshan Qu Jialing River stone ruins are unearthed varying amounts of stone balls or ceramic balls. Diameter l-9cm, texture from stone to pottery, all kinds of diverse styles: There are monochrome, pattern, painted clearly reflects the ball from hunting to the process of evolution toy marbles.

Custom toy design and analysis: Europe Toys


Custom toy design and analysis

Since the rise of the industrial revolution in Europe, so that the traditional handicraft workshops produced personally by the machine into a large industrial-scale production and to broadcast a variety of industries, custom toy industry, too, the global development of industrialization and rapid economic struggle makes people long to stimulate consumption , toys also doing my part.
United States: The United States is now the world’s largest and most influential in today’s toy consumption market, with annual sales of about 300 million US dollars the United States, to a large extent influenced fashion kids toys and consumer choice, such as public nowadays are interested in the sense of technology products, then followed by the toy merchant would improve on the first time or re-design of traditional toys and the use of new technology into the toy which makes technology products Toys born out, apparently to promote science and technology the development of the US toy industry, but traditional toys still occupied transport certain market share,
Japan: Japan’s toy industry meteoric rise of its related peripheral toy industry is also booming at the moment the size of its animation industry, the market share of roughly to 9000 billion yen (Japan Toy Association statistics). Not of toy manufacturers to optimize product redesign in strong competition, put forward new ideas and new works, such as: making the development of humanity toys intended for adult psychological adjustment, the “cure” toys, the famous toy manufacturers “Tomy” on specific groups of urban office workers, white-collar workers launched named “Aibo” toys it has a simple, six basic emotions of joy, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, disgust, it makes people in the busy work to have fun comfortable environment, currently in Japan l8 adults over the age of at least 80% of adults have toys of their own as long as there is a good idea, it will bring to the manufacturers should be able to say that small rewards toy has become Japan One of the most important consumer nationals, and become the focus of competition trends in the world of the toy industry,
Germany: Germany is not only the industry but also a big consumer of power in the EU toy industry, toy industry accounted for 30% of the EU’s consumer market, when entering the 20 century, 90 years since Germany’s toy consumption industry had long trend of strong contention Consumer groups into diversified: the elderly, adults, children, and elderly adults, but has become a major source of the German toy consumption.

Custom toy design and analysis Toys Overview

(MAY 31, 2008):  In a photo released by The Walt Disney Co., Woody, the sheriff from the "Toy Story" films, waves goodbye to the Space Shuttle Discovery as it launches May 31, 2008 from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla.  Aboard Discovery is a 12-inch tall action figure of Woody's pal from "Toy Story," Buzz Lightyear.  Woody joined thousands of launch-watchers today to view the launch in Veterans' Memorial Park in Titusville, Fla.  Disney Parks worked with NASA to include the Buzz Lightyear toy on mission STS-124 to celebrate the opening of a new attraction -- called "Toy Story Mania!" -- that features Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  The toy on the spacecraft will be transferred to the International Space Station where it will spend several months, before being sent back to Florida later this year on a future Space Shuttle mission.  A series of educational programs for school children has been planned for the toy's time in space.  (Scott Miller, photographer)

Custom toy design, literally just say people like to entertain the appliance or play some articles for recreation, entertainment props toy toy people for the English word is usually always fun for the kids that this is a patent But it is not just belong to the children toys, it is so adults can buy their own ages, toys, exclusive to this own fun making a successful toy is so big people relax mental and physical pleasure, For children, it can inspire them to explore the unknown nature and understanding, so that they increase their knowledge, understand the outside world and themselves, satisfy their curiosity, which we based on the anthropology and sociology from the subordinate results of scientific research, then we seem to be able to see the birth of toys and games ancient human daily activities and has a very close relationship. Therefore, we combine the corresponding game of the origin and the origin of the toy together thinking and analysis, there is no doubt that an important condition for the right reasons and ways of interpretation of toys produced in the human life. Chinese and foreign researchers are in constant search for the origin of the problem of art at the same time, they are all likely to have this same platform issues made the game originated conclusions judgmental.
German poet Schiller said: humans in real life inevitably be subject to both the spiritual and material constraints, in both bondage ideal freedom often lose, people will try to use the remaining energy to create a free world, Yun is the game. This creative activity, resulting in a human instinct.
Herbert Spencer, British philosopher Schiller’s views were further added, he thought: human after completing the main mission of maintaining and continuation of life, there exists the remaining energy, this surplus energy to vent, is games, this game does not utilitarian purpose.
German biologist Valley LuJiCheng the above theory, pointed out: The game is not without purpose activities, not with practical life-related activities, but to prepare for future real life: for example, kittens catch ball of paper is in practice catching mice : Little girl giving wooden doll fed, the mother is doing exercises in the future; the boys do together to fight the game, it is in practice fighting skills.
A significant impact on the three views have occurred in the history, showing significant results aesthetics. These studies only unilaterally from the scientific point of view to make rational study and did not elaborate on its artistic existence. And therefore can not simply explain the ultimate toy produced, only the combination of a variety of disciplines to conduct a comprehensive analysis to obtain reasonable explanation.
Historic toys, since its evolution from the ancient record changes that the working people of the oldest living people with clay dough toy is a small figure idol, often as amulets or sacrificial lambs. For example: burial stone balls and ceramic balls are considered children play instruments during his lifetime. Similar ball toy in Daxiling cultural sites, Qujialing Longshan cultural sites and cultural sites are found. Identified by archaeologists, Banpo village children tombs unearthed pottery balls, stone balls are hunting was an important tool to fight one by one throw projectiles. These games appliance is the transformation of the original instruments of labor. It can be seen, there are between games and productive labor a very important link, developed later, ranging from human dolls extended to animals and other items, in a burial excavation of ancient Egypt, it was discovered dating back to about 35 2000 clay dolls dolls and carvings, as well as dolls with animal bones, ivory and other relatively rigid material.